Financial Planning services are as plentiful as blades of grass in a park, and in certain regions with fewer regulations like Hong Kong can subject clients to exploitation and abuse. Many financial advisers come from a background in sales, and so you can never be quite certain if the service they provide is dedicated to your future wellbeing or theirs.

So what makes Phoenix Waters Wealth Management different, and how can you be assured to place your trust in us? Read on to find out.

Phoenix Waters Wealth Management was formed in Hong Kong based on an idea – that the financial services industry has been corrupted by a hard sales culture and a significant number of advisers lack both the integrity and an understanding of the markets to be able to be impartial or impactful in helping clients achieve their goals. Poor advice was given. Strategies were executed which could never fulfil their objectives. Accountability was lost. And a dependence on commission incentivised many advisors to jettison their moral fibre in favour of luxurious perks at the expense of their clients.

Change was needed. We are that change.

Founded by Bizhan Tong, Phoenix Waters Wealth Management was created to address the shortcomings in the sector by someone who led a successful career in it over several years. With an MBA, a Maths degree, and a career spanning various areas of the wealth management business including relationship management, fund management, and client experience strategy, Bizhan’s journey exploring all facets of wealth management through a multi-national organization provided the clarity to understand what changes need to be made and how to make them. In addition his MBA dissertation which focused on Ethics and his engagement in the philanthropic space has distilled clear guidelines to ensure Phoenix Waters Wealth Management is ethically sound and morally grounded so that clients receive advice that is wholly beneficial to them.

Yet his background expands further than wealth management and having run a successful start-up, an award-winning production company, a tech platform, and led various initiatives in the tech and social space, Bizhan knows the challenges of hard-won success and an innate understanding of many of the industries our clients operate in.

Leaving London for Hong Kong, and forming a partnership with St. James’s Place, a UK FTSE 100 company, Phoenix Waters Wealth Management was born to create a truly client-centric experience with high level advice and expertise that distinguishes us from all others.

Among the services you receive:

  • Guaranteed Advice – Through our partnership with St. James’s Place, the suitability of the advice given by Phoenix Waters Wealth Management is guaranteed when recommending any of the wealth management products and services available from companies in the St. James’s Place group.
  • Meaningful Client-Centric Relationship – Phoenix Waters Wealth Management is selective with the clientele it accepts and will not exceed a certain number of clients. Being a client entitles you to a 24/7 relationship with your wealth manager who is available through all forms of communication and pledges to respond to any queries within 8 hours.¬†
  • Expertise – Phoenix Waters Wealth Management was founded by a figure who achieved the highest client advocacy score nationally while acting as a relationship manager in Barclays Premier, helped form an award-winning social impact fund at Barclays Wealth, and designed and developed a multi-award-winning client experience strategy for Barclays Private Bank. Your wealth manager comes from a background in finance and analysis, not sales, and has the track record to reflect the expertise you deserve. In addition through our partnership with St. James’s Place you will be exposed to the top fund managers in the world to enable their expertise to support the strategy we create.
  • No perks for us – The money you invest should be dedicated to one goal – making our plan work for you. Unlike the stories you hear about many in the financial services industry, Phoenix Waters Wealth Management will not use any of your earnings towards our perks, so you can be safe in the knowledge that what you invest is dedicated to your future happiness, not ours.
  • Unparalleled Network – Phoenix Waters Wealth Management aims to create and protect a brighter future for you through holistic financial planning, yet we are also able to support your present. As a client you will be granted the opportunity to connect with individuals and businesses across the globe, invited to exclusive events, and receive support wherever possible. Its founder sits on the boards of 2 UK children’s charities, the local advisory board of a UK 6th form college, the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Committee for SMEs and Start-Ups, and co-led Male Allies as part of the UN’s HeForShe campaign for the Barclays Group in the UK. We have connections with the property, education, and charity sectors in the UK and Hong Kong, the film sector in the UK and LA, and can facilitate introductions and connections to further help you, your businesses, and your families through our network.

We believe our role in wealth management for your aspirations is as integral as a doctor’s role is to your health. We have the track record, the expertise, and the characteristics to prove it. And we are committed to helping you succeed.

Beyond Financial Advice

Turning aspirational goals into inspirational achievements is a collaborative partnership, and our holistic financial planning service is equipped to help you succeed.

Yet Phoenix Waters Wealth Management aims to move beyond holistic financial planning, and with our extensive network in various industries across multiple continents including Property, Education, Charity, Tech, Start-Ups, and Film, we are well-suited to provide advice and support  to assist in those areas. Whether it is recommendations for UK schools to send your children to, connections within the property sectors in various regions, or support for your interests as a client of ours we are dedicated to help.

With extensive experience in various fields, Bizhan Tong has the experience and successful track record to understand the importance of your needs…and how to address them.

Our interests aligned to you

The relationships we build with our clients are intended to be long-lasting as we are here to support the big moments in your life whether it is the purchase of your home, your children’s education, the growth of your business, your financial independence, or your eventual retirement. Our success as a business is linked to your success as a client and we are solely committed to making it happen.